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Wish For the World New Year

This is a simple class activity for engaging global thinking in the New Year and creating an ornament for hanging anywhere.

It can be done in December, January for the start of the common calendar year.



Dowload with 3 prints on a page. Link HERE.

Make enough copies for class. 1 page for every 3 students. 

Cut out ornaments  or have scissors for students who can cut out their own.

Materials for drawing and decoration. 

Pens and/or pencils.

Hole punch.


Discuss. What do people think about in the new year? What do we think about doing differently?

What would you hope all of us in the world could do differently this year? 

What gift or wish would you give to the world this year?

Use words and/or images to write/draw your wish on the text circle.

Decorate the surrounding of the earth on the planet circle. What would you surround the earth with in 2016?


Have students create the project, fold in half, then punch a hole in the top part for hanging. You can use a papeclips as hooks to attache them to a line or wherever you wish!

Happy New Year!!

May we all help our students connect head and heart in the coming year!

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