"Bring me all of your dreams, you dreamers..."

The Dream Flag Project® invites students to dream and hope and wish. They capture their dream poems in words and images to share with the world. The Dream Flag Project® is free and open to any adult-led group of students. Students from ages 3 to 20 have created Dream Flags through schools, libraries, hospitals and other organizations.


"Bring me all of your heart melodies..."

Students put their dream poems on cloth and make them beautiful. They sing with color, drawing and imagination. The only materials needed to create Dream Flags are 8.5 × 11 in. or 20 × 25 cm pieces of any fabric, something to write and color with, rope or ribbon, and a needle and thread or stapler.


"That I may wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth..."

Each Dream Flag is the unique and fragile dream of one child, but connected, they become part of something that spans a wide and diverse community of dreamers. Students attach their individual Dream Flags to a Dream Flag Line in celebrations large and small each year. Participants in more than 39 states of the USA and 17 other countries-from Alaska to Florida, from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, and from Nepal to South Africa-have connected their dreams since the project started in 2003.


"Away from the too-rough fingers of the world." -Langston Hughes

The Dream Flag Project® creates a safe space where students speak the common language of dreams and aspirations. Children of all ages find interlocking threads of hope, passion and vision when they share their Dream Flags with each other, their communities and the world. Each April or May, Dream Flag Lines are exhibited and celebrated publicly—in classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, workplaces, etc. Students read and share their poetry at Dream Flag gatherings and through online connections. A major Dream Flag Project celebration is held each year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.