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What do I have to do?

What do I have to do?
Have your students create their own Dream Flags
by April. Display them in your school or a public
space. A Dream Flag is an original dream poem on
fabric, attached to a line. Many participants study
the dream poetry of Langston Hughes.

What does it cost?
There is no cost to joining the project. Materials
can be old sheets, clothesline, and markers. It
takes from sixty minutes to six weeks, depending
on what you choose to do.

How will I know what to do?
We will walk you through it. The project is created
by teachers for teachers. With periodic emails and
resources always available at our web site, we
share ideas, lesson plans, and examples with
teachers everywhere.

How can it fit into my curriculum?
The Dream Flag Project fits into any unit on poetry, Langston Hughes, the Harlem Renaissance,
public art, social issues, character development, or
community service. The poetry of Langston
Hughes is accessible to students of all ages.
Focused reading and writing activities are
designed for a very wide range of abilities and
grades. Participant schools have successfully
aligned Dream Flag activities to state standards
and requirements.

We already teach poetry. What’s different about this?
Because they are participating in a project with
thousands of students and can share their
poems, students in The Dream Flag Project
become a community of poets and dreamers.
They learn from experience that words connect
and change us.

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