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The Basics

In the Dream Flag Project, we are creating expressions of our dreams to share with the world--our personal flags for the world we live in. The flags are connected together on lines for display in our communities--each flag an individual expression, collectively as lines of hope and of diversity. They were inspired by the poetry of Langston Hughes and the public displays of colorful Nepalese prayer flags. (Click here for some pictures of Prayer Flags.) There are only a few basics.

Size and Shape
The size and shape of each flag should be 8 ½ inches in width by 11 inches in height (22 cm width by 28 cm height). The flags will be hung vertically so it is best if they read that way.

While general uniformity is not a value of the Dream Flag Project, equality is. Uniform size for the flags is important because it gives each flag an equal weight when all are connected.

The flags should be made of fabric so that they can blow in the wind. This is essential for the flag concept. Everything else is up to you.

Like prayer flags, the Dream Flags are meant to be hung on a line (Flag Lines) and displayed.  The goal is to physically connect as many of the Flag Lines as possible every year in the month by May. We will also display as many images of the flags as possible on this web site. When you display your flags, please include a label flag that indentifies your group. This can be made of paper. A label flag you can use is linked HERE.

Layout is completely individual except for two conventions for flags that include text. If the text has a title, include the title at the top. Include the author's name below the text. We request that you use first name and last initial, as that is a convention for web publishing.

Important Note: You may want to leave a ½ to 1 in. margin at the top of each flag for attaching to the line.