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How Do I Join In For 2013-14?


So what do I do?
It depends if you’re new to the project or if you already signed up on our site last year (2012-13).
If you did the project BEFORE last year but didn’t do it last year, it’s like being new so follow those directions.

I’m New.
• Go to and click on JOIN.
• Type in your school (or organization) name.
• If it doesn’t come up in the box below, then click Add it here (to the right) and follow directions.
• If it does come up, just follow directions.
• Be sure to do steps 1, 2 and 3 if you want to participate this year!

I signed up on The Dream Flag Project site last year (2012-13).
• Go to and click LOGIN (top right corner of the page.)
• Type your email and your password--the one you created last year. (If you’re saying, “But I don’t remember my password!” no problem. See below.)
• Opposite your name, click on Activate Now.
Fill in the grades and numbers of students who will create Dream Flags. (You can change this later if you need to.)
• Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.

Can I Activate for other teachers too?
Yes, if their names appear on the list with yours after you login. You can click on Activate Now after a colleague’s name and put in their grade(s) and numbers.

But I don’t remember my password!
• Not a problem. After you click LOGIN (top right corner of the page), click on Forgot Password.
• Fill in your email and click Retrieve Password.
• Open the email sent from The Dream Flags Project and click on the link.
• Go back to your email and open the next message from The Dream Flags Project. It will contain your new password. Go to the site and login using it and your email.
• To change your password from the one in the email to one that’s easier for you to remember, LOGIN, click Edit next to your name, click Change Password (near the bottom of the page) and follow directions.

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