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WE WANT YOUR FLAGS to Wrap City Hall!

Published on May 22 2013

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To get this best, just take 90 seconds to watch this video:


We would love to include every single group who made Dream Flags this year. If you can't send them, we understand, but if you possibly can, please do. We promise to mail them back to you in the fall, and we're very careful with student art!

This exibition is thaks to the generous collaboration of the Art in City Hall program, headed by Tu Huynh.

To send Dream Flag for the installation:

Mail them by June 15 to:

The Dream Flag Project
The Agens Irwin School
275 S. Ithan Avenue
Rosemont, PA 19010

telephone: 610-525-8400

Be sure to include:

1. Label Flag on your line that tells the name and locaton of your school and grades of students.

2. A return label for us to tape onto the box or envelope for the return.

You can send any number of flags. We can't guarantee that we'll be able to exhibit every single one if it's a large number (over 200), but we'll try. And we'll return all of them.

Thanks for helping connect the dreams in this special place.

EXHIBITION DATES: Opens Aug. 12, 2013. Closes Sept. 28, 2013. Open M-F 8-5. Free and open to the public.


Also of note to many is the fact that the exibition will be running from August 12 to Sept. 28, and this includes the actual date of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech. He gave the speech on August 28, 1963. The National Constitution Center will celebrate that day, and we're looking at ways to incorporate the Stariway of Dreams into the festivities.