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2013 Celebration for Participants

Published on Mar 10 2013

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composer Andrea Clearfield with friends Manfred Fischbeck and Ron Kravitz

PARTICIPATE ON MAY 4 -- Sign up by April 4.

Everyone Invited

On Saturday, May 4, 2013 we will celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Dream Flag Project from 11:00 am EST to 1:30 pm EST at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and we would love to have your Dream Flag group join in. The main point of the day is to celebrate students' dreams and to make the connections that can change the way we see our dreams in the world. There are ways for local schools to join in. There are ways for schools to join in from a distance. And we hope that includes every Dream Flag Project dreamer who's interested.

What Will Happen

In the beautiful open spaces of the Nationional Constiution Center, we will proudly display and connect up to 2,000 Dream Flags of all  types. We hope yours will be among them. From the Dream Flag Stage, we'll hear representative students from each school stand and read their Dream Poems while composer Andrea Clearfield with friends Manfred Fiischbeck and Ron Kravitz accompany them with improvised jazz, weaving together the dreams for all of us. From the large sized video screens we'll hear students live from anywhere in the world read their Dream Flag poems too, just like the students on stage. And while hundreds can watch and hear in the space provided by the National Constitution Center, many more will be able to watch and hear as we WebStream the event with the Constitution Center's recently upgraded technology.

Before the stage readings, from 11-12, we'll have an hour-long poetry fest with Dream Flag button making, open mike poetry reading (for any reader interested), Dream Flag tee shirt decoration, art activities, and more.

At the close, we'll unite in The Dream Flag song as we sybolically connect our hands and our dreams all around the Constitution Center and to places anywhere there are Internet-connected dreamers around the world.

How To Join In--What to Do

Let us know if you will participate by APRIL 4. This is a deadline we need to keep because of the new location for our celebration--to make sure it all works out. We only need to know who you are, how many flags you'll bring or send (approximately), and if you'll have student readers (live or via Internet.) To Sign Up Click Here.

If you attend--you need to bring your flags to the Constitution Center by 10:00 am on the morning of May 4th so we can exhibit them. You may bring students and enough adults to chaperone them as well. Families are also invited. The event will be free and open to the public.

Please note that we welcome out-of-town visitors and can provide some home-stay housing if you let us know your needs by April 4. Details on housing--printable sheet.

If you participate remotely--there are several ways to be involved.
You can send your Dream Flag Line(s) to us so they can be included in the Constitution Center display and celebration on May 4. We need to receive them by May 1.
You can have students read poems "from the stage" via an Internet link we will provide (whether or not you send flags.) You will not need any software or special accounts to participate this way. You will have to have a computer with Internet access, a microphone, and (optional) web camera. You or another adult will need to supervise your students when they participate.

To view the celebration remotely, you only need an Internet connection. We will post a web link on our news page to access the video a few days before the event.

For ALL participants, once you sign up, we will be in touch with you with more detailed information closer to the day of the event. Please email us with ANY questions.