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What New Groups Need to Know About Dream Flags in 2016-17

Published on Mar 03 2017

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The Dream Flag Project is a platform for developing global awareness and lasting motivation in students.

It connects students to their dreams, and their dreams to the world.

This year on Saturday, May 13 and the week preceding, all Dream Flag participants are invited to participate directly or remotely in Heartbeat 2017: "The true heartbeat of our nation is in our students' dreams." in collaboration with The National Constitution Center and Cloud Cloth Education.

1-page Flyer on Dream Flags

1-page Flyer on Heartbeat 2017

About The Dream Flag Project

The Dream Flag Project is a free, multi-school, annual program open to any adult-led group of students in K-12. It has been used by teachers in classrooms across 42 states of the USA and in 27 other countries since it started.

Inspired by the poetry of Langston Hughes, students are invited to put their dreams and aspirations into writing, often in the form of poetry. Then, inspired by the tradition of Nepalese prayer flags, they transfer the words to 8.5 x 11 in. cloth and decorate them. Finally, each Dream Flag is attached to a line to create a group Dream Line that gets shared publicly to inspire others and make a statement.

In addition to physically displaying the flags, the soon-to-be released *dreamline* mobile app will allow easy web publishing of individual flags to a global audience along with recordings of students reading them out loud.


Classroom time required to create Dream Flags ranges from two class periods to a two-week intensive unit.

The only rules for Dream Flags are the following. Each teaches a message:

Each flag is the original work of of the student. (We value each student uniquely.)

Each flag is the same shape and size: vertical and  8.5 x 11 in. (Each of us has equal value as a person.)

Dream Flags are connected to a line and created as a group. (We are all linked to each other.)


The most basic materials needed to create Dream Flags are the following:

Fabric for each student to make an 8.5 x 11 in. Flag. Many use old sheets.

Markers and/or paints to write on and decorate the Flags.

Rope, ribbon, or other form of string to attach the completed Flags to. Some form of attachment such as stapler, hot glue, or needle and thread.

Cloud Cloth Education can provide some materials, available upon request, to support schools in need of these physical materials.


The Dream Flag Project website has a Resource section with curriculum plans and ideas organized by age group and topic.
The site also has demonstration work and photos/videos in its Gallery.


To participate, teachers sign up on the JOIN page of and fill out a form, then complete Dream Flags with students by the end of April.

Training & More Information

For more information and/or information about online training or school in-service options, please be in touch with Jeff Harlan, Director of The Dream Flag Project and President of Cloud Cloth Education.