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New App Serving Dream Flag Sights & Sounds to the World!

Published on Feb 28 2017

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You might remember this Kickstarter last year...

Run by Cloud Cloth Education, it was to fund the beginning of a new phase for participants of The Dream Flag Project.

And it's almost here: *dreamline*

After months of consultation with a dedicated Design Review Team of teachers from around the USA and abroad along with individiduals steeped in the tech world looking at functional design, graphic design, and everything in between,

After hours of excpetional pro bono service from Philadelphia's Morgan,Lewis, and Bochius law firm for documents on Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and every other legal aspect of development required for a successful app,

After back and forth and back and forth with the talented tech development team of Philadelphia-based August Development,

We're VERY close to the door!

So what will *dreamline* do?


tag and travel
Dreamline will allow teachers to sign up on a web site for free and download the mobile app.

Then, using a mobile device -- iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet -- every teacher can snap a shot of each student's individual Dream Flag, approve it, and click to send it up to an online and phone app gallery that will tag the flag with school name, link to school's web site if desired, show a Google map of where the school is, indicate the grade levels of the students, and the guiding teacher's name. In a second. 

vitality of voice
Dreamline will allow teachers to use a mobile device to quickly record each student reading his or her poem out loud. After approval, that voice will be connected to the online flag so viewers--on mobile device or computer--and click and hear the personality and presence that comes through voices from around world.

AND for speakers of a second language, additional voice files can translate the dreams to other laguages. Viewers see a list of languages and click one to hear it.

We're especially excited that this adds not only the dimention of human voice for the site visitor, but also an excellent opportunity to develop lessons on public speaking for a real audience. 

dream notes
As an option, teachers can add text that accompanies the Flag with any appropriate content--a typed version of the poem, a short student paragraph on the story behind the dream, or hashtags that connect dream subjects.

FOR ALL -- students, parents, friends

browse and discover -- inspiration in an instant
The opening screen of *dreamline* will be an array of randomly selected flags from the collection. Scroll down or across for an endless flow. On the web, mousing over will show its place of origin. Touching a flag makes it fill the screen with options to hear it spoken, see the location, or visit the school site.

search and send
Find Flags near you, far from you, in a specific city, by a certain age group, or with a certain description. Also you can look for a specific class or group. Send the link out to parents, friends, school comunity or share it on social media. 


Cloud Cloth Education plans future extensions of the *dreamline* app that can create a wide array of teacher-moderated interactivity between students with shared dreams, forming a community of motivation and hope that can "wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth" that will inspire and support the changes we need for a better world.