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Dream Support Flags For Deal


The Dream Flag Project connects us to schools around the world as we share our dreams. This fall, many of our fellow dreamers at the Deal School on the coast of New Jersey were devastated by the damage from Hurricane Sandy. Now we have the chance to reach out and show them that we care through sending Dream Support Flags that they can put up in their school so they are reminded that others are thinking of them. Their teachers, Suzi Passarella and Kristin Marimon, said this would mean a lot.  The basic idea for this outreach is to help students learn about how people’s lives were impacted by Sandy and how people are helping, and then to provide a way to show direct care by creating and sending Dream Support Flags to Suzi Passarella, Kristin Marimon and their school community.


Learning About Deal Region and Hurricane Sandy

Here are some facts sent by Suzi Passarella:

“The students come from various towns surrounding Deal.  These towns include Shark River Hills - hit by the bay waters outside of Belmar. Two of our families lost most everything; Monmouth Beach one teacher lost her first floor; the town of Brick --by the bay one teacher lost her apartment, my town, Pt. Pleasant Beach, a mess - I lost my furnace and hot water and we are displaced for about 8 weeks as are the other people. The student families I mentioned are out for the remainder of the school year most likely.  My daughter has friends that lost most of their homes.  Other towns hit badly are Seaside, Ortley, and Lavalette. All of these towns are out totally--no one living there with all schools relocated to Toms River area.  Residents must have a pass to get in and they have a strict code as to how many get in and for how long.”

Here are some great on-line sources:

Ellen Degeneres Show: Heartwarming 9-minute clip about an engaged couple from Point Pleasant (near Deal and where Suzi’s daughter attends high school). Good footage of damage and how people help out. []

ABC News Clip of Deal: This 1-minute clip shows some severe damage from a helicopter fly-over of Deal. []

Ashbury Park Press: Local news source that includes town-by-town updates and information on giving and getting help. []

Star News: Local news source that published Deal’s local paper and includes town-by-town news. []

Deal School Gallery: This site does not show storm damage but has wonderful pictures of school life before the storm. Great to see who’s sharing dreams with us. This is also a good place to get some ideas for your Dream Support Flag. []


Creating Dream Support Flags

Dream Support Flags and other gestures will be helpful at any time this year.


·       8 in. x 11 ½ in. cloth—one piece for each flag. Plain white is good or any color you can write on.

·       Sharpie or other dark marker suitable for writing words

·       Paints, markers, crayons, or any other item for decorating cloth

1)     Have students brainstorm ideas for expressing support. What would you want to be reminded of in that situation?

2)     For each flag, write the support words on the flag. Either be sure to include the name and location of your school on each flag or include a label flag. Decorate each flag and attach it to a line in the manner of Dream Flags.

  -- Mail Dream Support Flag Lines to:

Suzi Passarella & Kristen Marimon / Deal Elementary School / 201 Roseld Avenue / Deal, NJ 07723 USA   
phone:  732-531-0480


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