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Dream Flag Poetry Prompts

Begin with a discussion of how Dream Flag poems are about our wishes, hopes, and aspirations—our visions of a better world for our selves, for our community, or for the planet. The Dream Flag expresses our dreams to share with the world.

There are no format requirements for a Dream Flag poem other than that it must fit on an 8.5 x 11 in. or 20 x 25 cm. piece of cloth in a vertical orientation.

In my dream
Write a dream poem of eight lines or more in which the first words of every line are, “In my dream . . .”

I may be dreaming, but . . .
Write a dream poem of eight lines or more in which the first words of every line or every few lines is, “I may be dreaming but. . . “

Metaphor List
Think of your dream, and then think of five or more metaphors that describe it. Write a poem of five or more lines in which each line is, “My dream is . . .” followed by the metaphor. For example, “My dream is an eagle.”

Direct Address
Write a poem that addresses someone or the reader directly—tells them what to do or speaks to them. An example is the “Dream Keeper” when Hughes writes, “Bring me all of your dreams, you dreamers. . . ,” he’s telling the reader what to do. Another type can address a thing or group as in, “Oh big blue planet, I hope you grow. . . “

When I get to be a . . .
1) Read the Langston Hughes poem, “Daybreak in Alabama.”
2) Talk about the way being a composer is a metaphor for creating a better world. Look at the imagery.
3) Write a poem that starts with, “When I get to be a . . . “ and substitutes any creative occupation, then lists the things that would go into the work you would create.

Guided Imagery
1) Imagine the place in the world or person you're with or thing you're doing when you feel totally yourself--happy, balanced, content. Write it down--two to three words.
2) 60 seconds: Free write description of the last time you were there or with that person.
3) Think about how you would blast that feeling out to the world. Now write a dream poem.

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