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Dream Flag Poetry Comparison Assignment


1)  Read through poems on the site at


2)  Choose two poems you like from two different schools. They should have something in common (like form or theme (other than dreams) or imagery, etc.).


3)  Copy and paste each poem onto a word document and print it. Include the name of the school.


4)  Write a letter addressed to the two authors.


a.  Head your letter with your own first name with last initial, school, city and state. Include the date. Also include the author’s names, with school, city and state. In the heading. Use friendly letter format.


b.  In the body of your letter:

            i.  Write an introductory paragraph explaining why you

                chose these poems in general terms.

           ii.  Write a paragraph about each poem, explaining what

                 you like about it. Be specific and concrete.

           iii.  In a closing paragraph, explain the connection

                 between the poems and how it connects to your own

                 ideas about dreams or to your own dream poem.


c.  Write a closing and type your first name with last initial.


5) Turn in a rough draft of your letter.


6)  When you get back your writing, make revisions, and turn in a final copy. Your teacher can send them to Dream Flags who will send them to the authors!