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Dream Flag Four Paragraph Essay

Your Dream Flag is your dream to share with the world. It’s what you decided to put on your flag, what you identified as your “heart melody.” Just by saying it and sharing it, you have made it more real. . . Now what? . . . In this writing exercise, you’ll think and write about how to take your dream off the flag and bring it to life--your life.


Paragraph #1—Your Dream Flag Poem
→Explain what your Dream Flag says and how you decided to create it.
Consider the following:  What is the main idea of your flag? What were some other ideas you thought of using for a Dream Flag? How did you choose this one? Where did you get the idea? Is there a part of your life that’s connected to it? Is there a story behind this Dream Flag? Were there poetic inspirations you had, or people who inspired you? What does the message of your flag mean to you?

Paragraph #2 – Your Superpowers
Now think off the flag. . . Anything is possible. Your Dream Flag becomes real—because of you and your superpowers.
→Describe what superpowers you will need to bring your Dream Flag into life. It is specific, not a power to do anything at all, but a power the breaks out of the usual reality we live in. Think of superheroes you know. So what would the superpowers be for you?
Consider the following: What specific superpowers will you need? Why would you choose these powers, not others, to bring your Dream Flag to life? How would you use those superpowers? What would be the first thing you would do? What would happen then?

Paragraph #3 – Your YOUperpowers
Now think of the powers you actually have and can expect to have.
→Describe what powers you have that could make even a part of your Dream Flag become real—your YOUperpowers.
Consider the following:  What YOUperpower do you have through expressing your ideas and opinions? What YOUperpower do you have through doing things—on your own, or with friends and family? What YOUperpower do you have from creative expressions? What kinds of YOUperpowers do you think you may have as you grow older? How could you use any of those YOUperpowers to make your Dream Flag become real?

Paragraph #4 – This Time Next Year
→Explain what you can do in the next year to make even some of your Dream Flag become real?
Using the YOUperpowers you actually have today, what small step can you take to make your Dream Flag become more real over the next twelve months. This could be an action that will lead to some results later in your life—such as school work—or an action that will lead to results right now. It could be both. It can be anything that you think might lead to the change you would like to see happen.
Consider: What YOUperpower will you use? When will you use it? What will you do? Why do you think this will lead to making part of your Dream Flag become more real?

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