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Send Strength to International School of Paris

Published on Nov 14 2015

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Create Flags of Safety and Support to our fellow dreamers at The International School of Paris. Their teacher, Laura Climmer, has given her students such support in expressing their dreams and hopes -- and in a multi-lingual format that is the essence of Dream Flag inclusion. Let's reach out to them NOW to show our support and to hold up their dreams. 

Take a look at THIS VIDEO that Laura made of her students and their Dream Flags.

Ask your students to create flags -- standard 8.5 x 11 in cloth -- that show support for our friends in Paris in a very scary time. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know we support their dreams and hold out our own in their support. Attach the flags to a line and include a flag with your school name and location and anything else you like. 

Ask your students: 

What message would you want to hear if something as frightening and dangerous as this happened in your town, in your city? They will know just what to say.

Send your flags to us at Dream Flags by the end of this month, and we will send them all to Paris. 

Jeff Harlan
The Dream Flag Project
The Agnes Irwin School
275 S. Ithan Avenue
Rosemont, PA 19010

Alternatively, you can send them directly there to the Dream Flag Teacher. 

Julie Cutelli or Laura Climmer
International School of Paris
6 Rue Beethoven
Paris, France

Thanks. And let's keep dreaming together!

--Jeff Harlan
Director of The Dream Flag Project