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Feb. 24 Launch and Workshop—Live WebStream Time & Link

Published on Feb 21 2013

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Thanks to the support of our generous partner, The Natonal Constitution Center, we'll be doing our first live WebStream of this year's teacher workshop along with the launch of our Tenth Anniversary!

During the events, you will be able to watch a streaming video of whoever is on the stage and speaking or coming to us via Skype. If you choose to join us this way, we'd love to know what you thought. Just shoot us an email afterwards:

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At the start time for the event


Below are details of the event:

Times in EST (Philadelphia) time zone.

1:30 Introductiion & Community Voices
*Jeff Harlan & Sandy Crow
Organizers of The Dream Flag Project

*Blondell Reynolds Brown, Philadelphia City Council
*Kerry Sautner, Director of Public Programs, National Constitution Center

2:00  Teacher Voices:
How we do The Dream Flag Project in our classrooms.
* Mary Pat Mary Pat McFarland, Reading Specialist
Lower Merion School District

-- working with all ages
* Deborah Richmond, 8th Grade English
Ferry Pass Middle School, Pensacola Floriday
(via Skype)
-- community building
* Jodi Sabra & Renee Finley
6th Grade Language Arts & Art
Radnor Middle School

--international  & service connections
* Sheri Skelton, all grades English,
White Mountain School, White Mountain, Alaska
(via Skype)
--poetry and community

2:45 Break

2:50-3:30 Hands-On Workshop
Make your own Dream Flag. Learn new ideas.