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Dream Flags at NNSP Meeting

Published on Oct 24 2013

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I went to a great meeting of the National Network of School in Partnership yesterday in Philadelphia. It was an enlightening time with lots of new information about how public and non-public schools can partner. Right now, The Dream Flag Project might be one of the largest public-private collaborations going since about 75% of our schools annually are publicly funded and 25% are non-public.

There were lots of great ideas on how schools can connect and develop relationships at the meeting--from working together on a whole neighborhood improvement project in a region of Philadelphia with four collaborating institutions to an innovative approach to teaching photography and literacy through a connection between a desgn school and local public schools. 

The Dream Flag Project already provides a common bridge and language between many schools of all kinds, but to take your relatioship with another Dream Flag school to the next level, check what's available through the National Network for Schools in Partnership (or NNSP). They just got started last year, but I think they're going to go very far to help schools all across our country and beyond.

As Drew Smith, principal of the Russel Byers Charter School, said at the meeting, "How can we all lift together?" I think NNSP is helping us do that. 

--Jeff Harlan