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2014 Philadelphia Dream Flag Festival & Celebration On-Line Program

Published on Apr 01 2014

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This year our dreams have connected us to a new school in shining Shanghai, China, to students in the poorest part of Medellin, Colombia, to young musicians in West Philadelphia, to energetic high school volunteers in the suburbs, to many others, and to you.  It’s a magical line that connects your heart melody to mine, and it happens because of teachers and adults who care enough to give their students permission to dream—access to their own dreams. Look around to see what access can do, and say hello to someone you don’t know—yet.

It makes us think, “What would our world look like if all students had equal access to dreams?” What would it mean if looking toward a brighter and connected future wasn’t just for a few students who happened to find the teacher who happened to find The Dream Flag Project to help them? What if the experience of empowerment that comes with articulating and sharing your dream was part of school life, like gym or math? What if the process of discerning what you care about and learning how to connect with others through it was common? What kinds of solutions to our problems would emerge, would come off the flags and into the lives of the students we teach?

Articulating and sharing a dream, reflecting on the power of dreams, is a first step, and a critical one. But another process The Dream Flag experience creates is bringing those dreams to the attention of the community. That’s what we’re doing here today at the National Constitution Center. That’s what schools like Burrell Boom are doing with their outdoor community celebrations. And when the community sees these dreams, they are moved. That movement can become empowerment to help students pursue their passions, developing the quality of grit that has more to do with life success than anything else.

In the past year, many thoughtful minds have taken notice of what you are doing when you engage your students in The Dream Flag Project. Tony Wagner, author of The Global Education Gap and Creating Innovators, has joined our Board of Advisors. The same is true of individuals with extensive foundation experience—in places such as the Ford Foundation and the Smithsonian Museum—along individuals connected to the MIT Media Lab and B Corporations, striving to create businesses with more integrity. These leaders have noticed the collective work that you create when you participate in The Dream Flag Project.

As we move forward, we hope to strive for equal access to dreams. As you know from experience, it takes dedication, hope, and perseverance to do this. You are leading the way in that here today and in your schools every day, and we are so very grateful to be connected to you.

Yours dreaming and doing,

--Jeff Harlan & Sarah Kinder



Dream Collector
scavenger hunt
Wear a Dream
shirt decoration station
Dream Flag Tattoo Station
temporary tattoos for all
Thank A Dreamer
send a post card to another school
Dream Cloud Art Activity
add your dream phrase to the sky
Your Dream Button
decorate and make your dream button
Open Mike
bring your dream poem and read
Follow The Dream
cooperative game with other dreamers



Dream Flag Festival Activities

Celebration Gathering
in Grand Hall Overlook
Performance by Sister Cities Girlchoir
Dream Connector Activity
Dream Flag Song

move to Kirby Auditorium for
Poetry Celebration

Remarks by Kerry Sautner
of the National Constitution Center

Up to three representative readers
from each attending school.
Video poems from remote locations.

Musical Accompaniment by Tim Motzer



Thanks to so many people and groups: the National Constitution Center, administration at The Agnes Irwin School, and so many teacher, parent and student volunteers who made this day happen.

At the National Constitution Center, the dautless Huyen Ta has helped us every step of the way, and the vision of Kerry Sautner has kept us going. And thanks to Jenna Winterle for connecting us to others in their network. They are the best insitutional partner imaginable. 

At The Agnes Irwin School, the support of school Head, Mary Seppala, and of our Director of Studies and Center for the Advancement of Girls, Mariandl Hufford has been critical all along the way. Also at AIS, the support of the Communications Office under the direction of Wanda Odom has given us the hand-on support and quick responses that help our project reach far and wide.

A huge thanks to our amazing volunteer staff who came out today to put up more than 2,000 Dream Flags and put on a wonderful festival for all of us. Our event manager, Jane Laties, has kept us all in line and smiling. And we are so grateful for the volunteer support of retired Dream Flag Project co-founder Sandy Crow and her partner David Zopf who came out once again today.

A shout-out and huzzah to our newly formed AIS Upper School Dream Flag Project Support Club who created new activities this year. Great leadership from our MC’s today: Lynn Luong and Kate Wahl. Also a big thanks for the dedication and creativity of club members Laura Cutler, Liesel Fergusson, Jessican Crowley, Sophia Tornetta, and Laura Pansini.

Our AIS teachers, many with multiple years of experience, make the organizing fun and seeming simple.
Big thanks to AIS teachers: David Marshall, Andrew Connally, Charesse Ford, Mariandl Hufford, Kim Walker, Jose Sevilanno, Robert Moss-Vreeland, Leslie Hahn, and to Dream Flag friend Susan Kahn.

Our dedicated supporters from the AIS sixth grade families who do so much for every aspect of the school and helped teach their daughters by example today : Nicole Foushee, Ajoa Abrokwa, Jamie Haines, Amy Briddell, Heather King, Jeff Pendergast, Kimberly McCarthy, Carolyn Braithwaite, Helen Mashek, Jennifer deLehman,and Susanne Lowther.



18 States in USA -- 12 Other Countries
78 Sites -- 10,841 Connected Dreamers

Burrell Boom Methodist, Belize, BB, Belize
Grades: K--7 Students: 300 Teachers: Dawn flowers, Ruby Williams, Thomas Oliver , Teresita Oliver, Andrea Gillett, Martina Terry, Evelyn Kerr, Martha Garbut, Sherlett Holiday , Lincoln Jones, Isson Charles, Carolee Stain, Ms. Soberanes, Evangelina Waight, Rhondine Panton, Rufina Mitchel

St Therese  Burrell Boom, Belize, BB, Belize
Grades: 5, 6 Students: 44 Teachers: Althea Gillett , Ms Mcakenze

Champlain Heights Community School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Grades: 6 and 7 Students: 90 Teachers: Melissa Manninen

Hawthorn Elementary School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Grades: K-1 Students: 25 Teachers: Lori MacMichael

Angeles de Medellin, Medellin, Colombia
Grades: mixed Students: 35 Teachers: Jessica Brookes, Marcos Kaseman

The Peijia School, Shanghai, China
Grades: 2, 6 Students: 63 Teachers: Daniel Harlan

Ecole International Bilingue Victor Hugo, Paris, France
Grades: Prek-5 Students: 200 Teachers: Tama Trotti

International School of Paris, Paris, France
Grades: 6, 7, 10 Students: 35 Teachers: Laura Climmer

SERAN Bilingual School, San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras
Grades: 9--10 Students: 102 Teachers: Denia de Nassar

Hakuho Girls' High School, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Grades: 11,10 Students: 70 Teachers: Carol Lui

Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sinaloa, Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Grades: High School Students: 87 Teachers: Carissa Peck

ACCESS Program Larache Center- Imam Malek Middle School, Larache, Tetouane, Morocco
Grades: Senior High School Students: 30 Teachers: Marouane El Baida

Ghulaman e Abbas School, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Grades: 10 Students: 20 Teachers: Mohammad Mujtaba

C.T.M.V. Scola Gimnaziala  NR. 5 Vulcan, Vulcan, Hunedoara, Romania
Grades: 8-13 years Students: 100 Teachers: Dumitra Poslolache, Pert Maria, Butas Cristna, Imling Meda, Secrieru Livia, Feier Mihalea, Bancila Anina

Scoala Gimnaziala Tudor Vladimirescu, Targoviste, Dambovita, Romania
Grades: 2--8 Students: 300 Teachers: Liliana Paunescu, Alina Safta, Loredana Marina Oana,Alfredina Nita, Mihaela Georgescu, Bianca Tataranu Stefan, Eliza Delureanu,Simona Davidoiu Grigoresu, Eugenia Setreanu

Amos Youth Learning Centre / African Education Program, Kafue, Zambia
Grades: mixed Students: 35 Teachers: Marie-Odile Savarit-Cosenza

A. M. Greenfield Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 1 to 5 Students: 129 Teachers: Brenda Shields, Michelina Brownell, Apryl Brumberg, Donna Lockman, Betty Summers, Adrienne Horowitz
Agnes Irwin School, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA--home of the DFP
Grades: 2, 6 Students: 102 Teachers: Shelly Esposito, Ashley Kaufmann, Joe Flood, Sarah Kinder, Jeff Harlan, Leslie Hahn

Bala Cynwyd Middle School, Balas Cynwyd, PA, USA
Grades: 6 to 8 Students: 30 Teachers: Mary Pat McFarland

Baldwin Jr. High School, Reynoldsburg, OH, USA
Grades: 8 Students: 30

Barber Elementary School, Phillipsburg, NJ, USA
Grades: 2 Students: 20 Teachers: Michele Szoka

Belmont Charter School, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 1 Students: 21 Teachers: Christine Meiskey

Blake Manor Elementary, Manor, TX, USA
Grades: K-- 5 Students: 618 Teachers: Candice Blount

Caleb Greenwood School, Sacramento, CA, USA
Grades: K-6th Students: 450 Teachers: Kelly Cordero

Capital University, Columbus, OH, USA
Grades: education students Students: 15 Teachers: Tobie Sanders

Christus Academy High School, Camden, NJ, USA
Grades: 9,10,12 Students: 22 Teachers: Elizabeth Mauro, Baanusa Rajakumar

Cougar Valley Elementary, Silverdale, WA, USA
Grades: 5 Students: 51 Teachers: Lisa Pitcher, Michelle Simmons

Culbertson Elementary School, Newtown Square, PA, USA
Grades: 5 Students: 75 Teachers: Heather Lyon

Deal Elementary, Deal, NJ, USA
Grades: K-8 Students: 155 Teachers: Suzi Passarella, Kristin Marmion

Drexel Neumann Academy, Chester, PA, USA
Grades: 4,3 Students: 33 Teachers: Marilyn Benson, Cindi O'Hanlon

Ferry Pass Middle School, Pensacola, FL, USA
Grades: 6 -- 8 Students: 1,100 Teachers: Catherine Bauer

First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School North and South Campus, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 1 Students: 27 Teachers: Gwen Quinn, Kimberly  Stokes

Folsom Elementary School, Folsom, NJ, USA
Grades: 3--6 Students: 150 Teachers: Evelyn Browne, Kacey Storey, Ashley Cavallaro, Andrea Derringer, Amanda Huenke, Joseph  Pavesi, Stephanie Hoffman,  Candice Sikking, Melissa  Valenti, Danyele Passalaqua, Deb DeStefano, Megan Scheer, Jeremy Edwards, Kim Yakabi Yob

Friends School Haverford, Haverford, PA, USA
Grades: 1 Students: 14 Teachers: Susan Bodley

Friends' Central School, Wynnewood, PA, USA
Grades: K--2 Students: 105 Teachers: Heather Exley

Gardiner Manor School, Bay Shore, NY, USA
Grades: 3--5 Students: 720 Teachers: Carlton Brown, Andrea Nieto

Gig Harbor Academy, Gig Harbor, WA, USA
Grades: 2 Students: 15 Teachers: Ilene Wider

Girard College Upper and Lower Schools, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 1--12 Students: 400 Teachers: Christine  Enedy

Global Village Project, Decatur, GA, USA
Grades: Form 1,Form 2,Form 3 Students: 33 Teachers: Linda Asbury

Green Mountain Elementary, Bremerton, WA, USA
Grades: 5 Students: 51 Teachers: Kelsie Austin, Ginger Lancaster

Hubert Mills Elementary School, Reynoldsburg, OH, USA
Grades: mixed Students: 30 Teachers:

Kalihi-Palama Public Library, Honolulu, HI, USA
Grades: toddlers-preschoolers Students: 40 Teachers: Brenda Freitas-Obregon

Kent Place School, Summit, NJ, USA
Grades: 2 Students: 25 Teachers: Gina Ferraioli

Knollwood Elementary, Decatur, GA, USA
Grades: 4 Students: 50 Teachers: Cha-Reece Burton

Lakeside High School, Atlanta, GA, USA
Grades: 9 Students: 90 Teachers: Greta  Hayes

McCall Elementary, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 3 Students: 29

McMillin Elementary, Chula Vista, CA, USA
Grades: Transitional Kindergarten Students: 45 Teachers: PJ McGinty

Meekins Middle School, Stuttgart, AR, USA
Grades: 6 Students: 138 Teachers: Kerry  Chastain

Memphis Street Acacemy Charter School, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 5 to 8 Students: 880 Teachers: Brandon Lee and others

Mt. Sinai Middle School, Mt. Sinai, NY, USA
Grades: 8 Students: 30 Teachers: Karl O'Leary

Neumann University, Aston, PA, USA
Grades: College Senior Education Students: 15 Teachers: Tammy Feil, Cynthia Ferraro

Noble Drew Ali Science Academy, Detroit, MI, USA
Grades: High School Students: 15 Teachers: Nyasia Bey

North Bergen School District, North Bergen, NJ, USA
Grades: 4,5 Students: 70 Teachers: Heather Carline

North Park Montessori, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Grades: 1--3 Students: 24 Teachers: Nia Davidson

Northwest Whitfield High School, Tunnel Hill, GA, USA
Grades: 9 Students: 73 Teachers: Susan Stone

Oasis Charter Middle School, Cape Coral, FL, USA
Grades: 6--8 Students: 1,108 Teachers: William Baranowski, Jamie  O'Neill, Kathleen Paul Evans

Pea Ridge Elementary School PTA, Pace, FL, USA
Grades:  Students: 0 Teachers: Donna Ishee

The Philadelphia School, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 3 Students: 43 Teachers: Miriam Harlan

Presbyterian Children's Village, Rosemont, PA, USA
Grades: 7--12 Students: 30 Teachers: Cherie Mercer, Lisa Dunkelberger,  Samantha Nigrelli 

Radnor Middle School, Wayne, PA, USA
Grades: 6 to 8 Students: 100 Teachers: Renee Finley, Jodi Sabra, Jennifer Cisco

Ramirez Thomas 21st CLCC Afterschool Program, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Grades: K--5 Students: 75 Teachers: Theresa DeLeon

Rose Park Elementary School, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Grades: 3 Students: 23 Teachers: Abby Bluth

Royal School, Honolulu, HI, USA
Grades: 5 Students: 19 Teachers: Jenna Felipe

Saint Francis Xavier School, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: mixed Students: 15 Teachers: Miranda Budine

Sister Cities Girlchoir, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 1--8 Students: 190 Teachers: Elizabeth  Kelly, Alysia  Lee

Smithville Elementary, Smithville, TX, USA
Grades: 3,4,5 Students: 400 Teachers: Sarah Vinklarek

Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Grades: 2 Students: 33 Teachers: Mary Ann Domanska

St Alphonsus / St. Patrick School, Lemont, IL, USA
Grades: 5,6,7,8 Students: 112 Teachers: Eileen Bruno

The Tatnall School, Wilmington, DE, USA
Grades: K Students: 36 Teachers: Colleen Hoban, Jeanne Poggi

Tidioute Community Charter School, Tidioute, PA, USA
Grades: 9 Students: 9 Teachers: Amy Wickert

Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, TX, USA
Grades: 1, 6 Students: 100 Teachers: Michael Roemer

Valley  View Elementary, Oxon Hill, MD, USA
Grades: 3--5 Students: 86 Teachers: Erica Bair

Walnut Street Elementary School, Darby, PA, USA
Grades: 4 Students: 75 Teachers: Samantha Wyche

West Chester Friends School, West Chester, PA, USA
Grades: PK--5 Students: 100 Teachers: Michelle Lozowski

Wissahickon Middle School, Ambler, PA, USA
Grades: 6 Students: 130 Teachers: Katrina Rachubinski, Lani Smith, Nicole Stoneback, Milena Porreca, Tom Burns, Jason Hamer, Courtney Fenstermacher.

Woodland Heights Elementary School, Laconia, NH, USA
Grades: mixed Students: 19 Teachers: Irena  Logue

Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Grades: K--5 Students: 717 Teachers: Sheri Berry, Toni Olivieri-Barton

The Zone at Dwight Morrow HS, Englewood, NJ, USA
Grades: 9--12 Students: 25 Teachers: Amy Eagan