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Group Name Group Location # of Members Active Page
Gardiner Manor School Bay Shore, NY 5 Yes View Page
General George G. Meade School Philadelphia, PA 1 Yes View Page
Genesee Elementary School Auburn, NY 0 No View Page
Ghulaman e Abbas School Karachi, Sindh 1 No View Page
Gig Harbor Academy Gig Harbor, Washington 1 No View Page
Girard College Upper and Lower Schools Philadelphia, PA 1 No View Page
GLadwyne Elementary School Gladwyne, PA 1 No View Page
Glenwood Elementary School Chapel Hill, NC 1 No View Page
Global Leadership Academy Charter School Philadelphia, PA 2 No View Page
Global Village Project Decatur, Georgia 1 No View Page
God’s Gurl Belleville, IL 1 No View Page
Goshen Friends School West Chester, PA 1 No View Page
Governor Mifflin Middle School Shillington, PA 1 Yes View Page
Greater Hartford Classical Magnet School Hartford , CT 1 No View Page
Green Mountain Elementary Bremerton, WA 3 Yes View Page
Greenbrier High School Greenbrier , TN 0 No View Page
Greengate School Huntsville, AL 1 Yes View Page