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Jeff Harlan


Jeff Harlan has been dreaming, writing poetry, teaching English, and organizing since 1983. He started his teaching career and his interest in inter-cultural connection with his first teaching job in Shanghai, China, back in the 1980s. Since then, he has been a classroom teacher for students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade with leadership roles in creating student-centered curriculum, early stage technology integration, teacher education and training, on-line educational curriculum development, and a start-up educational technology company. Under his leadership, The Dream Flag Project has expanded from one grade in one school to students around the globe. Why Dream Flags?

“To me, Dream Flags is about giving students authentic voice and about reaching beyond the bounds of our classrooms to engage with the world. My dream is to help give students around the world equal access to dreams and to bring those dreams out into the community so they can be celebrated, supported, and given the resources to become real.”

Tony Wagner

Member Board of Advisors

Tony Wagner currently serves as an Expert In Residence at Harvard University’s new Innovation Lab. Prior to this appointment, Tony was the first Innovation Education Fellow at the Technology & Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard, and the founder and co-director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for more than a decade. His previous work experience includes twelve years as a high school teacher, K-8 principal, university professor in teacher education, and founding executive director of Educators for Social Responsibility. --from Tonywagner.com

"The Dream Flag Project encourages children to take their dreams seriously – which is an essential motivating force for success in the adult world."

Kathryn S. Fuller

Member Board of Advisors

Kathryn S. Fuller is the Chair of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution. She served as Chair of the Ford Foundation from May, 2004 until October 2010. She was the President and Chief Executive Officer of the World Wildlife Fund U.S. from 1989 until 2005. Other directorships include Alcoa, Inc., Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Summit Foundation, and the Greater Himalayas Foundation. She has also served as a member of the Brown University Corporation.

“The Dream Flag Project engages, inspires, and encourages K-12 students from around the world to imagine bright futures, connecting heads and hearts to tackle the problems that matter most. Students and communities from the earliest days of the project have embraced it enthusiastically, providing the solid foundation and compelling case for expanding Dream Flags to touch and connect many thousands or even millions more.”

Bart Houlahan

Member Board of Advisors

Bart Houlahan is Co-Founder of B Lab, innovator of the B Corporation and advocate for sustainable business practices adopted by more than 950 corporations in 32 countries and 60 industries. He is the former President and Founder of AND 1 basketball footwear, apparel, and entertainment company. In just over ten years he scaled the business from a concept to $250 million in brand revenues with distribution in 85 countries. He also supported his school-age daughters in their formation of Hives For Lives, a company that donates all profits to fund cancer research.

Blondell Reynolds Brown

Member Board of Advisors

Blondell Reynolds Brown serves on the Philadelphia City Council as an At-Large Member and is the Majority Whip of the Council. She is the only woman serving in Philadelphia City Council leadership. As an educator, community activist, political leader and concerned parent, her focus and commitment to helping others defined her work prior to her election to Philadelphia City Council. She was responsible for bringing The Dream Flag Project exhibitions to Art in City Hall as well as to the Philadelphia International Airport.

“As a former teacher, I deeply admire the stewardship of The Dream Flag Project, founded at the Agnes Irwin School in 2003. To date over 100,000 Dream Flags have been created in 41 states across the nation and in more than 25 other countries including China and South Africa. If I spoke Spanish I would say, 'Muy impressionate.'"

Anne Keiser

Member Board of Advisors

Anne Keiser is the author of Sir Edmund Hillary and the People of Everest. She accompanied Sir Edmund Hillary on many expeditions, photographing for National Geographic Society. She serves on the Board of The Greater Himalayas Foundation, dedicated to furthering the work of Mingma Sherpa and supporting education at the Khumjung School in Nepal. She helped bring The Dream Flag Project to the Khumjung School's Golden Jubilee in 2011. She is former Board President of The Washington Tennis and Education Foundation, and serves on numerous other boards including The Choral Arts Society of Washington, The Middle East Institute, The Smithsonian Women’s Committee, and the National Council of the World Wildlife Fund U.S.

Don Yansen

Member Board of Advisors

Don Yansen is the founding partner of the consultancy Knowledge and Learning, serving major granting agencies, including the Gates Foundation and the World Bank. He pioneered ClickDiagnostics, developing widely disseminated appropriate technology solutions for healthcare services in underserved areas across Sub-Saharan Africa and other regions. He has worked in collaboration with the MIT Media lab to develop numerous projects. He was the founder and CEO of IVS Corp., DRI Corp. and other ventures.

“This organization-program has ‘connected’, perhaps in a loose way, thousands of school kids across the US and in distant parts of the globe without a big expensive ‘aid’ program. It has both grown in participants over the years and spread geographically, again without a major marketing campaign. What is it about this concept that draws kids and teachers in? How could this become even more powerful--become a dynamic "Knowledge Network" not just connecting kids and teachers, but spreading knowledge that will improve the lives of kids and their mentors and teachers in economically and first world knowledge starved regions?”

Kerry Sautner

Member Board of Advisors

Kerry Sautner serves as Vice-President of Education and Visitor Experience at the National Constitution Center, an institutional partner of The Dream Flag Project since 2012 and site of the annual Philadelphia Dream Flag Project Celebration. Prior to joining the NCC, she served as Training and Program Manager for Philadelphia's Franklin Institute Science Museum.

“The Dream Flag Project gives children an opportunity to reflect on themselves and their dreams. The process allows them to not only think about their dreams, but also to find and use their voices. For many children this is the first time they have been given the chance to find their voice and express their dreams--the basis of civic action. If we want active citizens who use their voice to express their beliefs and dreams in our communities and in our world, we must teach our children how to express their dreams through their voices. “

Rob Campbell

Member Board of Advisors

Rob Campbell is Regional Head of Strategy for Wieden and Kennedy Shanghai, guiding clients including Nike, Disneyland, Jeep, and Procter & Gamble. He co-founded the creative strategy consultancies Cynic & Sunshine and co-manages the global Account Planning School on the Web [APSOTW] and the homeless lobby group, Human_2.

Donna Lindner

Member Board of Advisors

Donna Lindner has served as Lower School Director of The Agnes Irwin School since 2007. Prior to her current appointment she served as Assistant Head of Lower School at the Haverford School for Boys in Haverford, PA, and was a teacher for the School District of Haverford Township in PA and for Howard County Public Schools in MD.

“Dream Flags connects children from across the globe in celebration of Langston Hughes and possibilities for each other and our globe. Through the process and resulting poem of hope, they learn that once a dream is named and voiced, it is owned; and once it is owned, it has the power to become a reality. What more could we as adults dream for those who will ultimately be responsible for the future of the world in which we live?”

Jeff Garson

Member Board of Advisors

Jeff Garson co-founded the National Constitution Center, served as Board Chair of the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia, was Co-founder and Director of Common Cause/Philadelphia and was an attorney at Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP. Since 2002 he has been in private practice as a social worker and is the Founder of the Radical Decency organization. His recent work includes collaboration with Harville Hendrix in the development of his Relationships First organization.

Sandra Lee Crow

Co-Founder and Member Board of Advisors

Sandy Crow co-founded The Dream Flag Project and served as its Assistant Director from 2003 to 2013. Her work has touched every aspect of The Dream Flag Project. She retired from English teaching at The Agnes Irwin School in 2013 after a 20+ year career in education including pioneering work at the National Geographic Society in the development of educational products and services.

Pat Voigt

Member Board of Advisors

Pat Voigt has been Senior Consultant for Schultz and Williams for more than seven years, working with school and college clients to plan and implement capital campaigns, facilitate major gift fundraising, and create a philanthropic environment for their institutions. Most recently, she directed The Agnes Irwin School's $40 million Dare to Do More Capital Campaign.

“Although I had known about The Dream Flag project for years, the powerful impact this project has on the self-esteem of students who participate in it was brought home to me in the summer of 2013 when I participated in a retreat to discuss the future of this successful program with other teachers and administrators. Those who have seen the results up close and worked with students on creating poems and Dream Flags to display and share, spoke poignantly and persuasively about the value of this far-reaching program. I am convinced that the students’ Dream Flags generate broad connections and validate their individual self-worth – through a remarkably creative approach.”

Mariandl Hufford

Director of The Agnes Irwin School's Center for the Advancement of Girls

Mariandl Hufford is the founding Director of The Agnes Irwin School's Center For the Advancement of Girls, providing administrative oversight and guidance of The Dream Flag Project for The Agnes Irwin School since fall of 2013. The Center's focus on global citizenship and leadership supports, and is supported by, the mission of The Dream Flag Project. She also serves as the school's Director for Academic Affairs and as a Research Associate at Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work. Prior to her current position, she served, as Director of the Center of Learning, Teaching and Professional Development at the Woodlynde School in PA, and as Director of Education and Program Development for ESF Summer Camps.

Sarah Kinder

Member Board of Advisors

Sarah brings deep understanding and experience with service learning, volunteer organization, educational technology, and international travel to The Dream Flag Project. Over a 24-year career in education she has served as a classroom teacher, service learning coordinator, technology integration specialist, and volunteer organizer for projects in Ghana and Sierra Leone. Her leadership role for The Dream Flag Project started in 2013, and she has led new student leadership and travel initiatives that have engaged high school students in Dream Flag Project leadership and international travel.